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LJ Smith Accountants Ltd,

Orwell House, 50 High Street,

Hungerford, RG17 ONE

T: 01488 689030

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"We always thought we should use traditional large accountancy companies for the best service but we couldn’t have been more wrong.




Business Services

We offer a wide range of services to businesses from start-ups through to well established companies. Our current client base ranges from multi-million turnover companies to small owner managed or family businesses.


We look to offer our clients the full package to assist with the running of their business on many levels. Within the personal service that we offer we are always on call whether it's on the end of the telephone or via email to assist or answer questions that you may want to discuss. Some of our clients also feel the need to have regular discussions, whether it is about accounts or tax matters, cashflow, employment issues or simply an area of their business that causes concern. Whether your business is doing well or meeting difficulties in these tough times we are your support in all areas of your business.


We offer a free initial consultation to all new clients to discuss their requirements.


Financial Accounts


Whether you are a sole trader, partnership, Limited Company or even a LLP, charity or club, accounts do need to be prepared. Usually this will be for tax compliance or for filing at Companies House but it also assists you in the running and planning for your business. From the accounts produced you can draw on a level of analysis that assists you in how it is performing, which areas are looking efficient or what requires further analysis to make it more profitable. We look to assist you in not only understanding the account themselves but your business as well.


The accounts can also assist us in providing planning information. This could be accounts or cashflow forecasts or longer term such as retirement, exit or expansion strategies.


In many cases we perform tasks that would otherwise be covered by an internal accountant. As well as the above this would include the preparation of monthly management accounts and financial analysis that allows a company to keep up to date and on top of its performance and direction.


Within all our services, not just accounts, we look to provide added value that is appreciated by the client in ensuring that their business is run as they see fit.


Business Tax


All business have to submit details of their profit & loss account to HM Revenue & Customs each year whether this is through your own personal self assessment tax return or through a partnership or Corporation tax return.


We therefore will produce the necessary tax computations and calculations to ensure the returns are correct as well as making sure that they are filed on time to avoid penalties.


Within the personal service we supply we look to ensure that all tax planning opportunities are brought to your attention and taken where applicable to your business. Tax legislation is always being changed and we ensure that we review this regularly and are always up to date to assist you and your business wherever necessary.


Being proactive and efficient is ideal in the way we deal with tax planning and we try to maintain this with pre-year end meetings where desired to review up to date accounts information and all aspects of the business.


Tax Investigations


HM Revenue & Customs can commence an investigation or enquiry into your business for a variety of reasons or simply be selected at random.


We can deal with these your behalf and also offer a ‘Tax Investigations Insurance’ that protects you from our fees in dealing with these for just a small annual fee.


If you have any further questions on the above or wish to discuss it further please do not hesitate to contact us.



Payroll & Construction Industry Scheme


We offer a payroll service that ensures you and your employees are paid in a correct and timely fashion and that you are complying with all PAYE & National Insurance legislation.


This is all the more important in 2013 as we move over to Real Time Information (RTI) which is seen as the biggest change to the PAYE system in decades. With information to be submitted online to HM Revenue & Customs every time an employee is paid we can ensure that it is all done correctly, on time and within the regulations.


Many see payroll as a complicated and time consuming operation and therefore we can do this for you to allow you to concentrate on your own business activities.  Our service covers all potential payroll issues including:


•Weekly or monthly pay runs

•Statutory sick pay, maternity pay or paternity pay

•Deductions for pension contributions and student loans

•Producing all necessary paperwork such as payslips, P45’s and P60’s

•Notifying you of the PAYE liabilities and due dates for payment

•Advice and assistance with employment issues such as holiday pay, redundancy and even employee tribunals & appeals


Our payroll clients deal with us in a variety of ways whether it is by fax, post or email, whether timesheets are involved of simply on a set salary with information & payslips then provided by the same means to suit you.


We also a CIS service to ensure that all you are compliant with HMRC if your business is within the Construction Industry Scheme. This ensures that your records are kept up to date and that monthly online returns are submitted to HMRC by the due dates along with notification of tax liabilities due.




We offer a cost effective service to clients in preparing their VAT returns for them. Preparing VAT returns is a task that many clients worry about and feel that by passing on the job to us that the returns will be completed correctly and on time and that we can ensure all VAT is claimed back where possible to reduce their liability.


With all VAT returns now submitted online we can complete that task for you, with payments either taken automatically by direct debit to HMRC or notifying you of the direct payment that is required.


We deal with the preparation of VAT returns to varying degrees with our current clients, whether it will be the full bookkeeping and preparation, checking their figures already produced prior to submission or just dealing with the online element to remove that burden from them.




We carry out a varying degree of bookkeeping services to all sizes of clients depending on their individual needs. This varies due to the skills and time they have in dealing with this as well as ensuring a cost effective system is in place to suit them.


We offer this service either in house or at the client’s premises and can be produced on a number of software packages. We use sage accounts software and are sage accountants’ club members as well as promoting and working with Kashflow, a cloud based accounting software programme. This suits many of our clients’ needs in terms of allowing both the client and us to keep the accounts up to date and more information on these can be found here.


In cases where the clients prefers for us to work within their system we also have the knowledge to work with other systems such as QuickBooks, or simply excel ‘bespoke’ cashbooks.


Management Accounts


Many businesses feel the need to have up to date management accounts to assist them in running their businesses more efficiently. In many cases this may tie in with either bookkeeping or VAT work as listed above.


We offer a bespoke management accounts service to suit you and your business. This may involve working at your premises on a regular basis, emailing information, exchanging software backups or using our cloud based software, Kashflow.


With the personal service we value ourselves on we can provide you with timely information in a reporting format that suits your needs as well as always being on call to discuss the results and issues that are highlighted.


In most cases where we work on regular management accounts, whether it is monthly or quarterly, it reduces the year end task of completing the statutory accounts therefore ensuring that you are aware of all forthcoming tax liabilities and able to take advantage of any tax planning opportunities.


Finance Director Role


In the past, whether formally or informally, we have given support to larger clients to help them run all aspects of their business. This may incorporate many of the other business services we supply but this role is a step on from the personal service we give to all sizes of businesses.  This may involve dealing with a range of issues including dealing with banks or lenders, budgeting & forecasting, tax planning & compliance, employment issues, pension scheme planning as well as providing the on call support to the director to allow them to further concentrate on their core business as efficiently as possible.


Start ups


We work with new businesses or individuals, even at the early stage where it is just an idea, that 'light bulb' moment. In the past this has ranged from a detailed excel or PowerPoint presentation to a few scribbles on the back of cigarette packet!


We can assist you through every stage of starting up a new business which may include the following:


•Structure of business, whether self-employed, partnership, limited company or LLP

•Notifying HM Revenue & Customs to register for the applicable taxes or Companies House, where applicable

•VAT registration if applicable and the options in terms of registering and schemes available

•Business plans including budgets or forecasts. This may be for your own planning purposes or to facilitate financing from banks or investors

•Payment strategies for owners/directors and other family members or employees


Clubs & Charities


We also deal with a number of Charities and clubs to ensure that they complete the relevant accounts either for their own regulations or that of a governing body.




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Accountancy in the Cloud

LJSA deploy both Sage and the innovative Kashflow cloud accounting platform to help you streamline your accounts.  

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